2017 Scoring

Several folks have been interested in how we determined the winner of the Border Wars Match.  It is no secret - here it is.

Our goal was to make sure every shooter could contribute equally to his state winning the match.  We didn’t want this to be just between the fastest Missouri Shooters vs the fastest Arkansas shooters.  It didn’t make any difference what posse you were on or what your catagory was.  Everyone competed against shooters with close or equal times.

We listed all shooters in time order from fastest to slowest with no regards to state or category..  We had 61 shooters but we did not count #61 as he was shooting Plainsman. (Including his score would have made no difference to the overall outcome.)

We divided the list of 60 shooters into 6 groups of 10 shooters each from top to bottom.  (See the list below.)

Within each group we averaged the time of the Arkansas Shooters then averaged the time of the Missouri Shooters.

The state with the lowest average time in that group won the group for their state.

As you can see, this year Missouri won 4 groups, Arkansas won 2.  Missouri won the match 4-2.

if you have any suggestions for improvements, as long as it supports the goal of everyone contributing, we would love to hear it.  Feel free to contact Ozark Captain at ozarkcaptain@gmail.com.